Every time I've gone to Tracy with a back problem, it disappears within 24 hours of seeing her. She's so good at what she does and I feel very comfortable with her. I recommend her to everyone!

Sophie Rose Howl

I've been using Tracy now for a few years for a couple of different issues, and each time after the session, I feel immediately better in the affected areas. She gives good home programmes to strengthen and repair, which I find very beneficial. The studio is warm and welcoming, and Tracy's demeanor throughout the appointment is perfect. She will definitely put you at ease during your visit, and the results are always very good from my point of view. I would highly recommend!

Simon Heffernan

Super professional, super knowledgeable and super friendly. I train for marathons and needed some serious physiotherapy / osteopathy to recover for Boston marathon and she was just the right therapist. I would highly recommend her.

Gonzalo Garcia Villanueva

I have had consistant back pain and had a few Treatments with Tracy... With her magic hands and professional approach to my problem, I no longer have pain and I hope its for good! I super recommend her Treatment.

Gustavo Boldrini

Tracy has worked wonders on my back! When I first visited her in 2015 I was suffering with regular back spasms and joint pain from multiple old injuries that had built up over the years. Over the course of a few treatment sessions she had helped me work out the core pain and even gave me additional treatment on an old shoulder problem that was bothering me as well as providing me with helpful advice on how to manage my recurring issues. After some more visits the work she did on my back was so good I didn't need anymore treatments for well over year and went pain free for the longest period I can remember since the initial problems began. The service is affordable, comfortable and friendly highly recommended!

Joe Fitzgerald

I have visited Tracy for two separate unrelated problems over the last year- a neck problem, and a sports-related knee problem. I recommend her highly. Her clinical examination and analysis of the the root cause of problems is very considered, thorough and well explained. The treatment is therefore focused and - most importantly - effective. I have had the need to visit various osteopaths and physios over the years, many with smart treatment rooms at smart addresses, but there is no-one I would rather visit for smart assessment and smart treatment than Tracy.

Mike Davis

Thank you, Tracy, for treating my frozen shoulder. Thank you for the relaxed and friendly treatment. When I started with Tracy, it was my seventh month, I had tried a Chiropractor and though it helped with some pains, the shoulder remained totally stiff and stuck. After second treatment with Tracy, through gentle manipulation, I started getting my movements back. Though I still have inflammation in the capsulitis at the front so it is stil painful, the treatment is relaxed, and absolutely without any pain. With every session I can see me shoulder gets some more and more movements back. Thank you again.

Adriana Svab

Tracy is fantastic. I've had SI joint pain for about two years, and I had been to another osteopath about a year ago without much luck. It generally would fade but not go away and then would come back more strongly again later when I was exercising or lifting things. I saw Tracy and after just a few sessions the pain was actually gone for the first time since the original injury! That was a few months ago and it still hasn't returned, even after a trip where I was walking a lot every day with a backpack. She is also very friendly, informative and happy to answer any questions you have. She's really accommodating with appointment times and I've used her website to book last-minute appointments, very convenient. I would really recommend her!

Maya N

I went to a couple of osteopaths before but never got my pain problem sorted out before now. Tracey was really friendly and professional and I felt really comfortable with her. She did some treatment where my back and shoulder hurt but she also explained how a long term issue with my hip was making my back worse and treated that too. Everything she did was really gentle. We practiced an exercise to help make my back and hip move better, and then she even emailed it to me so I wouldn't forget how to do it. After a few treatments my shoulder improved a lot and my back felt fine. If I ever need treatment again, I'm going to Tracey.

L Saxon

I can totally recommend Tracy. She is professional, friendly and give good advice. I had lower back problems and she got it sorted. Thanks Tracy

Corne Bouwer

I would like to highly recommend Tracy. She is an excellent Osteopath. Tracy is friendly, professional and very efficient. I was in agony with severe lower back pain and a sharp pain all along my right leg, I could hardly walk but after just one session with Tracy I felt so so much better.

Fabienne Krieger

I went to see Tracy after I arrived in London and hurt my neck carrying a heavy case. She was thorough, gentle and reassured me. She also explained everything to me really clearly so I could prevent this pain from happening again. If I lived in London, she would be my osteopath!

Anke L

Tracy Hannigan helped me fix my frozen shoulder and I'm so grateful. If I could give her 10 stars I would. I first went to see Tracy in December 2015. I was in a great deal of pain and I was feeling nervous because I know how long these injuries can take to heal. Tracy very gently manipulated my shoulder and gradually the movement increased. She really understands these injuries and gave me some exercises to do between my visits, which I religiously followed every day. She was also always positive with me, which massively helped because I felt undermined by being in such pain and with the lack of movement. It would have been so easy for me to have given up hope, but Tracy helped me stick in there. I had four appointments with her with two week gaps and then I had to leave London for the West Country. However, I kept up the exercises and gradually brought in more challenging ones. Now in July 2016, I'm almost completely healed. I can do full push ups with no pain in my shoulder. This is a miracle cure of six months enabled by Tracy Hannigan. I cannot thank her enough and I highly recommend her.

Deva Palmier

In a word I would describe Tracy as Excellent! I visit her with thoracic back problems (which I have suffered for years), Hip and elbow injuries and she immediately gets to the root of the problem and eases me back to health. She is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in her craft and I always leave feeling great, on the mend and ready for the world. I have seen other professionals over the years regarding my back but this is the first time I have had such a dramatic improvement to the point where I now do not see my back as a problem area! Excellent.

Peter Brady

I have suffered from lower back pain for many years after a skiing accident and was recommended by a friend to see Tracy. She has assessed my problem, given great treatment and recommended stretches and activities that have been really effective. Most recently I was treated by Tracy after I was knocked off my bicycle and she was a massive help to make sure I suffered no long term problems after the accident. I have always found Tracy utterly professional and genuinely caring. Her diagnosis and treatment has been spot on and definitely improved my quality of life as a result. Her treatment has helped me to continue leading the active life that I enjoy so much.

Bruno Wood

Tracy is a real miracle. I called Tracy's practice for the first time as I was experiencing extreme lower back pain due to ensuring stress and a bad sitting position zi had developed over years. Which, in acute phase, could result in me being not able to stand/ walk. I managed to have an appointment with Tracy the next day in the morning and a series of 4 bi-weekly appointments after that. Tracy took the time to understand my condition, provide me with sitting recommendations and stop the pain in no time. Since then, I went on to a 100 miles walk across the Cotswolds and I am enjoying the outdoors fearlessly like never before !! Thanks Tracy 🙂

Alexis W

An old shoulder injury had started to get painful and affect my upper arm. It was getting extremely painful and I could not play sport, let alone play with my 3 young children. Tracy's approach was to treat surrounding areas first before treating the shoulder. She then explained some stretches that would help recovery. It worked a charm and i'm back on the tennis court again. Tracy was friendly, a very intuitive listener and very professional. I thoroughly recommend her.

Steve Parkinson

I came to Tracy after moving house and therefore needing to transfer Osteopaths. She was very welcoming and understanding. She picked up where my last Osteopath had left off and broadened my route to recovery. I would thoroughly recommend her as an Osteopath. She is easy to talk to, knowledgeable and considerate. I will remember her advice and continue her techniques for as long as it takes.

Rebecca Hurst

Been to Tracy a few times, very dedicated and went through my issues, never rushed me, would recommend to anyone who is in discomfort or has an injury.

Christopher Jenkins

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